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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 5, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> crews swarm over a disabled fishing boat preparing to drag it to shore before anymore fuel leaks. the boat ran aground at ocean beach in san francisco. the captain of the boat hasn't been heard from since he put out a distress call yesterday morning. no one sure where he is right new or what happened at sea. matt keller is at the scene. matt? yes, we just learned that no
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one was found on the boat but they have to bring the boat out of the water. the coast guard does not get far this morning and are taking a break to wait for the tide to come back in. the fishing boat was designed to float. when it stopped doing that yesterday after the captain reported it had hit some rocks and he abandoned ship it came to rest on its side on ocean beach with wave after wave crabbing into it. the coast guard and several contract workers made the first attempt to pull it to shore by ewing cables, a loader, and excavator and high tide. it moves 5 feet after a couple of hours. >> there was hull penetration so it is heavy and difficult to remove from the sub. >> yesterday morning the captain, 51 years old timothy lybrand called boats for help and said he would attempt to swim to shore. it is believed he not not want
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to be found because he had a drug arrest in 2010 and this is a booking photo. investigators say they went to the two listed addresses and didn't find him. legal problems aside the trouble with the boat being left behind is the potential for fuel to leak out. the coast guard estimates a boat that size can carry up to 400 gallons. the coast guard said some fuel has escaped and they will not know the full extent of the pollution until the boat on senator trial. that could take a while. >> if this doesn't work we will work on plan "b". >> once the boat is out of the water the coast guard will try to figure out why it sank and take out fuel the then it is up to the park services to dismantle and remove the boat. thank you, matt. the pentagon confirms a two star general was killed in an attack in afghanistan on a military base and the shooter is believed an afghan soldier. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with a claim
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responsibility. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the deadly attack. the two star major general the highest ranking fowl killed in the war in afghanistan and 15 soldiers are wounded including eight americans and a german brigadier general all expected, though, to survive. this happened at camp qargha west of the capital, kabul, training base for officers, the afghanistan equivalent of the west point academy. the camp is less than a year old. at none in afghanistan a shooter in an afghan army uniform opened fire. the pentagon believes the shooter was a member of the afghanistan national security forces. when chairmaning responsibility, the taliban used different wording than we usually see. normally the group names a shooter as "someone in afghan security forces," but this time they call the shooter "afghan soldier with a sensitive responsibility."
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a pentagon spokesman addressed the issue of green on blue violence which is less frequent as fewer troops are on the ground. >> as terrible as today is, and it is a terrible day, terrible tragedy, we have not seen in the course of the last year as you described it, a spate of the insider threat attacks. that is a testament to the good work that authorities have done to try to mitigate that throat. >> the shooter was killed. circumstance are not known. the attack appears to be act of violence that was indiscriminate and the general was not targeted subject to change as the investigation continues. the pentagon is not releasing the idea of the general yet this morning saying family members are still being notified. we have breaking news in santa clara county, sky 7 is over mount hamilton where crews
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are in the process of knocking down a small fire burning at the summit. one to two acres of dry brush buns. they are calling out a water-dropping plane, helicopter and a number of ground sources to get it under control. >> in the middle of the drought, the bay area has received much needed rainfall, a little dose this morning and this is the scene at the north concord martinez bart station. umbrellas were the accessory of the day. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking live doppler 7 hd. do we have anything more on the way? >> we do. that is a great question. let me show you how quiet the winds winds are on pier 9. what you are seeing to the north is mostly sprinkles up to cloverdale and clear lake.
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the last couple of hours you can see we had a nice cell move through and head into contra costa county where it left behind 900 the energy and moisture is wrapping away it and we could see showers at 2:00 in the north bay, that will flow, then, through the neighborhoods. thank you, mike. the family of a football player at uc berkeley is suing the university for wrongful death. he died five months ago, february 7th after having trouble finishing a training run. we are joined with that story from oakland. nick? >> this is awkward because the family is behind me and you can see mom and dad wiping away tears. this is the situation as we
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understand it: the attorneys for the boy say he did not have a medical condition, the university was aware he had sickle cell, and the coroner's report does not detail the full story. this is the foundation of their lawsuit. attorneys representing the family filed a wrong will death lawsuit against the regents of the university of california. the 21-year-old 20ive end from bakersfield died follow off season training run february 7th. he would have been a 5th year senior this season. he earned a scholarship and played seven games last season recording six tackles. the attorneys with the los angeles-based term say that the training staff took too long to respond to symptoms during the run. cal in a state said that, the athletic department issued a statement saying at abc7, that the members of the football family and our entire campus
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community remain deeply saddened with the loss. we will continue to honor ted in all we do. we will forever be a beloved member our golden bear family. the statement goes on to say "we have heard reports that a lawsuit could be filed this week again the university because we have not seen the lawsuit we cannot speak to the specifics of the pending action and respectfully decline to comment." i just got my hand on the 14-page complaint filed against the university and that is the lead attorney for the family. you can see that both of his sisters, brother, mother and father are here. that is mother in the distance. the family declined to speak to media but the attorneys say they have proof that ted was healthy. the university was aware of his condition. they were negligent, they say, in their disregard for his health and he struggled for quite some time after he left
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and the university should have acted faster. >> thank you, nick. week after news leaks of the san jose police department secret new drone, the department is promising to be more open going forward. civil liberty groups criticized the department over sources that said san jose spent $7,000 in federal grant money on a small smells drone without involving the public that could be used to help the bomb squad or active shooter situation. in behind said the department say though shut have done a better job communicating with the community and promise to involve the community for guidelines on use. a man sent the pavement and unable to move at 21st at 8:00 this morning.
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the stuck bus brought muni's streetcar shouts and blocked them. the stuck bus became unstuck with the help of a tow truck 30 minutes player. >> there is much more ahead at 11 o'clock with a second ebola patient arrives at the american hospital. she will be get an experimental drug, made in california. >> incredible pictures from nevada, a tent
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a second american ebola patient is home in the united states, a private evacuation plane carrying the missionary nancy writebol touched down this morning. we are joined in the studio with more on what we know of the condition and what will happen next. >> nancy writebol is treated at emory university hospital in atlanta, the same medical center treating another american with ebola. both are said to be improving after given an experiment drug created in california. >> 59-year-old nancy writebol arrived in atlanta before 10:00 and wheeled out on a gurney covered from head to toe. a medical evacuation plane carried her 5,000 miles from library to the united states. a tent preventing the virus from spreading in the same airport that transported dr. brantley
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infected with ebola. he shocked the doctors when he walked out of the ambulance by himself open safety. the two americans were in west africa they were given an spental serum and are improving. nancy writebol is in serious condition but according to her son --. >> she was eating. able to take in fluid. we are cautiously optimistic. >> the drug, a cocktail of antibodies was created in san francisco. >> nancy is able to walk around and, really, the good news is her appetite started to return. >> doctors say it sun likely it will vote in the united states. bringing the two parents here does not pose a threat to the public. emory university hospital has a specially built isolation unit. the ambulance that transported them here will be bleached, their sheets burned. the rest the world is on alert.
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other doctors are watching for ebola-like symptoms and a man was tested in new york yesterday at a hospital. >> odds are it is not ebola. >> the doctors in saudi arabia are testing a critically ill patient just in sierra leone. >> this is the largest outbreak in history for ebola so there are serious concerns about it spreading. british airways announced they are suspending flights to and from liberia and sierra leone. >> thanks. a heart stopping water rescue on nevada highway. watch this. >> get out. get out. get out. get out. a terrifying urgency in their voices and heavy rains caused dangerous flood water to flow over the road and trapped people in their cars. troops from the airbase pulled a woman out of the car moments before it was swept away right there. one of the men helping had to be pulled to safety himself before
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he, too, was swept away. >> scary stuff. >> meteorologist mike nicco is heed with our forecast. we have a chance of a scattered shower. nothing like that. it is national night out. it will linger through tomorrow and i will show you a warm weekend compared to the temperatures fed that are very cool because of the cloud cover. check out this little guy at the a's and rays game. what is that, eric? >> a possum. he is playing possum. >> the good luck charm for after people find a dentist through us, they often say, "i wish i had done this sooner." don't put it off any longer. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. an earthquake rattled the north bay a 3.2, hit west of napa at 5:40 with no reports of injuries. people felt it as far away west as sonoma and fairly. some viewers described what they felt. one tweeted "the entire house shook." another said "it was a good jolt with a role. i was just getting back to bed and wham, crazy, like the one a month ago." >> we will not get into the earthquake weather thing because this is no such thing mike keeps telling us. don't think about that. but we had rain today. think about that. we will skip over that.
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good morning, everyone, it has been a while since we had one that big but no one was hurt and appreciate everyone letting us know what happened. as far as now, look behind me, a lot of cloud cover and u.n. sunlight getting through but all in all a nice day so far with temperatures held way below normal because of the cloud cover but as you head to the southeast we will see more sunshine, probably our warmest weather there and you can see the wrap around moisture, backside moisture but look where it is coming from, from the east, not the ocean, the natural moisture source so there is limited moisture with the system. it is turns up clouds and we have arrival delays at sfo and national night out tonight if you are going to partake in that it is sunny at 3:00 and the clouds will be darker later in the afternoon for the early evening so a stray hour is possible. do not let that step you. you can see the temperatures inland dropping to the mid-70's
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and low-to-mid 60's at the coast. walnut creek is an area that saw wet weather and hampered the morning commute this morning, looking southbound on 680 toward downtown walnut creek and scattered showers are possible and less likely tomorrow and we will dry tomorrow afternoon. then we will get into a typical summer with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine the way it should be, not this crazy weather we have had because of the area of low-to-upper in the backside moisture that is bring us. normally on the back side of a low you get sipping air but this is lifted by the mountains so the best chance of storms are to the north and as it slides between us we have a chance after 2:00 through, say, 7:00 or 9:00 in the north bay to slide into the heart of the bay and then it is a lot calmer and maybe just drizzle. by the afternoon hours, you can see the rain twisting to the high country? they are getting more wet weather than we are.
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sonoma fair has sprinkled and 62 in santa rosa. a light shower is possible. 78 at 3:00. 69 at 7:00. 63 at 11 o'clock. a stray shower is possible at game but even the game, beyonce and any of the other fairs, the rain will not be canceled but it will be less than .05" and dropping down to 65 degrees. here is what will happen in the seven-day forecast: temperatures in the 70's and 80's mostly today and even some 60's in the north bay into san francisco and along the coast and by tomorrow afternoon you can see the temperatures warming under the extra sunshine and by thursday we are back to marine layer clouds in the morning and partly sunny and stuck in the 60's at the coast and upper 70's to lowette at the bay and mid-80's and low 90's inland. still a chance but not a great chance. do not let it cancel your plans. it will not be so heavy as this
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morning. >> we have exciting news at abc7. we announced yesterday a collaboration with kdtv univision the top spanish station in the bay area allowing us to work together open stories with our viewers. disney and abc and univision created fusion a tv network in october of 2013 and the arrangement between our local stations is an expansion of that relationship and the only one of its kind in the bay area. we look forward to collaborating for a containing to bring you more stories in communities where you live on abc7 news. >> there was an unusual fan last night at the series between an and ray's. a possum trotting along the wall. in the bottom of the 10th the a's won and now he has his own
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twitter account. who knows? maybe it will make another appearance on game two of the three-game series. >> straight ahead, what do you do when your child had a day hike that? >> we will tell. >> million's trick to an instant
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well-known san francisco restaurant getting ever selected by a notorious landlord. at 5:00, coffee makers and microwaves and mini fridges. which are best if college dorms? >> a mom has a foolproof way to keep her child from crying. >> it just takes music. >> that is the magic of katy perry, "dark horse," is in girl's favorite song the so was having a bad day but when the song came on the mood changed instantly. she gig eled and starts making that cute little face. thanks pore joining
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> yeah. >> what up? what's up? what's up? what's up? what's up? what's up? yeah, yeah, yeah. what's up, dog? what's up? hello, love. how are you? >> good. thank you. >> good. [cheers and applause] yes. hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant never imagined she'd grow up and be a cattle rancher, but she met a man who had a farm, and the rest, as they say, is history. from alliance, nebraska, let's hear it for beth forney. what's up, beth? >> hi. thanks. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> i mean, so, i mean, you live in nebraska, and now you're here in the big city of new york. what's the difference? >> not a lot of difference, because with all the people, it's like being herded like


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